The Wisconsin Center
for Gifted Learners
Summer Interdisciplinary Program

Weekday mornings in July from 8:30 a.m. until noon

Each summer, an overarching concept is selected for the Summer Interdisciplinary Program; it provides a focus to which all learning activities are connected. The concept for summer 2016 was “The Big Picture.” The overarching concept to be followed in 2017 is described below.

The summer program engages learners in a variety of topics using an interdisciplinary approach and including language arts, math, music, Latin, informal drama, art, and physical education.

Each learner receives personal documentation representing his or her learning and compiled during the session. It  includes notes from each teacher describing the individual student’s participation as well as the student’s own observations.

                                              Summer 2017

The 2017 Summer Interdisciplinary Program will meet weekday mornings in July as described above, from July 5 through July 28. The overarching theme for this summer is What A Find.

An abundance of activities and investigations will take place guided by the theme What A Find. Together we’ll see where and how far this concept can be taken.
Some of the areas we may explore include archaeology, logic, mapping, and secret formulas.


We will:
– examine art that incorporates hidden figures and use art techniques that reveal unexpected finds;
– explore unusual percussion instruments and the ways in which they are used in other cultures;
– discover some surprising aspects of ancient Roman culture and language;
– and pose and ponder the question: What is a “find”? How do we recognize one? What types of finds are there?
Please join us to find out!

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