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Annemarie Roeper, Ed.D. (1995) Annemarie Roeper: Selected Writings and Speeches. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, Inc.

Annemarie Roeper passed away in 2012 at the age of 93. She was a lifelong advocate of gifted learners as well as one of the first to recognize them and articulate their inclinations and learning needs in writing. She co-founded the Roeper City and Country School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where she worked with and observed students first hand. Her contributions to the field are incalculable. Although the topics in this collection of writings do not directly address some concerns of the moment, for example, the use and misuse of technology in the learning environment, a careful reader will come away with a strong sense of the gifted learner as a person, and how he may best be nurtured. A representative quote from this book follows (page 90):

“We have a tendency to feel that, for gifted children, emphasis must be placed on their intellectual development only. I believe that the development of intellectual potential depends on the development of the self. In fact, we cannot separate one from the other. It is this very separation that makes gifted children feel stress as a negative force.”

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