The Wisconsin Center
for Gifted Learners
Programs for Students

WCGL Programs for Students are designed to:

  • fit the learning preferences of children who are intrinsically motivated
  • use children’s love of learning to assist them in gaining a better understanding of themselves and of others
  • provide academic content and authentic challenge
  • guide children to learn cognitive and social skills that will help them throughout the life course
  • help gifted learners understand and assimilate the interrelatedness of knowledge


These programs
-extend and enhance school year learning in a collegial and inviting atmosphere
-provide opportunities to learn with like-level peers
-are available for students two and one half years of age and older
-take place after school and on Saturdays during the school year and on week days in July
-are individuated to address the interests and needs of each participant.

Curriculum is designed by experienced WCGL teachers to address the unique needs of gifted learners. WCGL staff members understand that gifted learners require like-level peer interaction in order to develop social skills, leadership abilities, and self-acceptance.

The Interdisciplinary Curriculum Model utilized on Saturday mornings and in the summer session provides students with learning opportunities in language arts, music, art, informal drama, mathematics, Latin, and physical education. Studies of the various subject areas are interrelated and overlap from one to another in order for learning to be free-flowing and thoughtful. Curriculum is planned to appeal to those who love to learn, and instruction is flexible to honor participants’ learning style preferences, individuality, and ideas. 

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