The Wisconsin Center
for Gifted Learners
About WCGL

The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (WCGL) was founded in 1984 as a response to a federal Department of Education Report that found gifted learners to be the “most underserved” student population in the U.S. There are currently just 5 million federal dollars budgeted specifically for serving the needs of gifted learners in all United States public schools.

The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners is a non-profit corporation that provides educational/consulting services for:

  • highly intelligent children
  • their parents
  • teachers who care about such children and who want to work with them.  

WCGL is the only resource of its kind exclusively serving Southeastern Wisconsin.

IMG_3166Gifted LearnersChildren with superior cognitive abilities are referred to as gifted learners. WCGL recognizes that such children have an extraordinary need to explore and use the intellectual realm and a need to be nurtured and respected for their desire to learn. “Gifted learner” is considered an appropriate descriptor for them, and WCGL programs are based on the belief that gifted learners are qualitatively different from other learners.

Learning Environment: Participants are welcomed into an environment that is intellectually and emotionally comfortable and provides practice in social interaction with like-level peers. In this setting they can practice democracy of the intellect and engage in preparations that may allow them to make profound contributions to the world of ideas, experience, and speculation.    

WCGL provides a learning-how-to-learn environment. Some of the scholarly strategies gifted learners experience at The Center include planning with real time; planning with student intentions; finding where new knowledge fits, how it fits, and why it fits. These behaviors are part of a life course curriculum that can be transferred to places of more advanced learning, regular school requirements, places of employment, and personal adventures.

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