The Wisconsin Center
for Gifted Learners

Do you know a child who is constantly asking questions? One who is sensitive to thoughts and physical stimuli that don’t seem to affect other children of his/her own age? A person who seems at one moment older than his years, and at the next, much younger? One who is any combination of perfectionist, early reader, late reader, socially inept or social butterfly, humorous, self-important or self-effacing, a builder, wildly creative, or one who likes to learn and understand deeply about different subjects? If so, it is likely that you know a gifted learner.

The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (WCGL) develops and provides programs and guidance for gifted learners, their families, and teachers to support the social/cognitive and educational development of children who love to learn and whose exceptional intellectual abilities require special nurturing and treatment.

WCGL is a lifetime affiliate of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) and is a member of  the Council for Exceptional Children and other organizations that promote research on and development of education for gifted learners.



The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners ◊ 2315 W Good Hope Road, Rm 23 ◊ Milwaukee, WI 53209